Calcium Silcate Board

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Calcium Silcate Board

Product Abstract:

calcium silicate board can be used for partitions,interior walls, pipeline conduit compartment, stairspace, exteriorwalls, ceiling boards as well as pillar wrapping.

Product Description

Calcium Silicate Board is mainly made from siliceous materials ,lime refractory and reinforcing fiber through the process of slurrying, forming, high pressure steam curing, drying,surfacing ect. When siliceous material and lime refractory is mixed together under high temperature and high-pressure condition, tobermorite,a kind of crystalloid,will come into beting,which has extremely stable performance. So Calcium silicate board whose main component is just this kind of crystalloid, has good fire retardancy, water resistance, high strength,durability and so on.


Product Characteristics
3)Coefficient of thermal expansion: ≤0.24W/MK(JC/T54)
4)Bending strength: ≥13MPa(GB/T7019-1997)
5)Linear expansionrate: ≤0.1%
6)Water absorption rate: ≤0.19%(GB/T7019-1997)
7)Water penetration rate:0%
8)Water content: ≤10%
9)Incombustibility according to CNS6532 and BS 476
10)2.5-3hours of fire rating for (6mm wall system with W-CSP concrete)
11)Radioactivity:Standard (GB6566-2000)
12)Nonflammability: GradeA(GB-8624-1997

1)Heat insulation, stability, damp-proof, soundinsulation, fireresistant and light weight
2)The wall is solid and firm inside, and resistant to impact pressure
3)Painting, tiling and nailing is possible in the news ystem
4)Noise reduction can be up to 46dB
5)Good efficiency
6)Working environment can keep it dry and clean for better management
7)Certificates with 2.53hours of firerating

calcium silicate board can be used for partitions,interior walls, pipeline conduit compartment, stairspace, exteriorwalls, ceiling boards as well as pillar wrapping.

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