Mineral Fiber Ceiling Installation

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Mineral Fiber Ceiling Installation

Product Abstract:

Standard sizes:600mmx600mm/600x1200mm(24"x24"/24"x48") Thickness: 6-22mm

Product Description

Mineral wool board ceiling system composed by mineral wool board and T-Grid, the excellent characteristics is the very good sound absorption and heat insulation effects. Mineral wool board can sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, any products do not contain asbestos, harmless to the human body, and have the function of subsidence. With the T-Grid for a ceiling system have adornment, sound-absorbing, heat preservation, adiabatic, fire prevention, light, etc functions.


Standard sizes : 600mmx600mm/600x1200mm(24"x24"/24"x48")  Thickness :6-22mm

Edge detail




4)Normal Concealed and exceed concealed

Surface pattern

1)Little-stars series flowers

2)Lovely-worms series flowers

3)Convex-sprinkling series

Physical data

1) Raw materials: Wet-formed mineral fiber

2) Surface finish:Factory-applied vinyl latex paint

3) Fire performance: China B1 grade(meet GB8624-1997)

4) Density:280-320kg/m3,380-420kg/m3

5) Content of Recycled material:45%~55%

6) NRC(Noise reduction coefficient):Minimum0.55

7) CAC(ceiling attenuation class):Minimum35

8) Light Reflectivity:Minimum0.85

9) Thermal conductivity:0.052-0.057W/mK


1) High light-reflectance

2) Nondirectionalpatterndesigned,easyinstallation

3) Fire-resistance

4) Adopt high quality mineral wool,100%asbestos-free

5) light-weight and easy to be cut.

6) With stand condition with relative humidity up to 99%.

7) Excellent sound absorption ability and competitive price.

8) Excellent ability of sag-resistance


1)Open Plan offices

2)Airports Buildings

3)Universities and Colleges

4)Hospitals and Medical Centres

5)Corridors and walkway


When the building is dry enough and chemical gas disappears, installation can be started . Make sure the temperature doesnt exceed 49℃ and relative humility not exceed 99%

Handling and Storage

Store at dry location and flat in. Handle with care avoiding damage to corners and edges. Do not store on edge or ends, store vertically. Storage time of materials at the job site should be as short as possible

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