Plain gypsum cornice

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Plain gypsum cornice

Product Abstract:

Whiteness 90%, Intensity 2.7MP

Product Description

Gypsum cornice is mainly made of high-quality and natural gypsum powder. In order to make it stronger , we add the fiber glass in the gypsum powder. We make it by hand and we must use the moulds.We can produce various kinds of it, we also can make by customers moulds or design.


1) Drying by oven ,smooth surface ,clear flower pattern ,obvious three dimension effect ,high strength and excellent constructive performance,

2) Whiteness 90%, Intensity 2.7MP.

Excellent quality of more than 100 designs ceiling medallions/ceiling roses/center panel/centerpieces/decorative ceiling molding for you various shapes and sizes available in our website, we can produce this product according to clients'  

3) There are two layer firbre glass cloth in any piece products to protect the products don't easy broken.

Export packing: the air film bubble, plastic bag, hot shrink and pallet.


mainly used in the indoor decoration of super class buildings such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls theaters, dances, cinemas, stations, auditoriums, offices, sitting rooms, business buildings and industrial or residential buildings.

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