Gypsum board installation and finishing require only some basic tools. While there are also many specialized hand and power tools available for gypsum board installation, here’s a list with brief descriptions of the basic tools necessary for a typical wallboard job:

Measuring tape – A steel retractable measuring tape, usually 25 feet in length.

Gypsum board T-square –Square edge for measuring and cutting gypsum board to length and for cutting out holes for square outlet boxes and other openings.

Utility knife – Standard cutting tool with replaceable/reversible blades for scoring and cutting gypsum board.

Hammer – Drives nails through gypsum board into wood framing.

Keyhole saw – Small triangular saw for cutting out holes for outlet boxes, pipes, and other penetrations.

Rasp – A tool for smoothing rough edges of wallboard after it has been scored and snapped.

Assorted trowels and taping knives – Bladed tools for applying and smoothing tape and joint compound over joints and fastener heads.

Mud tray – Box to contain joint compound while finishing joints and fastener heads.

Sanding pole – Tool that enables sanding walls from floor to ceiling and standard height ceilings without the use of a ladder.

Screw gun – Power tool that drives all types of gypsum board screws through gypsum board and into framing or substrate.

Drywall Installation and Finishing Tools

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